Make cards, Make Friends & Family Smile - Make Personal eCards and Share The Good Times!

Who has time to make a card let alone go and pick one out? Thank you internet for helping speed up the process! Personal eCards is easier, more fun and brings out your personality in every card. Never having to leave the comfort of your PC or opening your wallet, making free.

Making cards just got a whole lot more fun! You can stay on your computer andmake free birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, or thank you cards and send them with just a few clicks. Covering all the bases, all you have to do is remember the date. Plus, while you're having fun making Personal eCards and making your loved ones happy, you're saving paper.

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We think, why not help the environment and decrease landfill waste by creating and sending eCards? Using old fashioned paper or plastic greeting cards have a short shelf life and long landfill plug. Personal eCards gives you the tools to quickly and easily create and send free eCards. Try putting your photo in a store bought card, not so easy, but with eCards it’s just a 1-2-3 snap-capture-send!