Extract Your Files with File Extractor

File Extractor is the free unzipper software that enables you to extract from ARC, JAR files, as well as RAR files, and every other file type that you might an encounter along the way. Extracting any compressed file type quickly and easily.

Technological advances in file compression provide numerous benefits; however, for the majority of us who are not up to speed with these file formats, extracting these files can be complex and frustrating. File Extractor is the unzip freeware software for Windows that simplifies the extraction process; so the next time you “open zip,” you won’t be reaching for your trousers.

Even if you are familiar with some of the more common file compression formats, such as ZIP, RAR, and JAR, other lesser known formats exist. With File Extractor, you can extract from ARC, JAR files, as well as HQX, CAB, and LZH files. Of course, ZIP and RAR are also catered for by File Extractor.

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File Extractor is the free extraction software for Windows – it is the RAR, ZIP opener freeware extraordinaire. Next time you receive a compressed file; there is no need to panic. File Extractor is the only software you will require to extract ZIP files, open RAR files, and extract from ARC, JAR files. And File Extractor does this with a minimum of effort but at lightning speed - that's right you get all of this in a free unzipper!