• This guide will assist you by explaining how to use all of the features that in the FriedCookie MultiClock.
  • 1. Setting Up the Alarm Clock

    The Alarm Clock function enables you to receive an audible reminder at a pre-set time of your choice.
    To set the alarm:
    - Click the Set Alarm button.

    - Select the time that you want the alarm to sound by using the Arrow buttons.
    - You can also set the alarm sound by either clicking the Default Tune button or clicking the Browse button and selecting a sound from your computer.

    - Click the Set Alarm button.

    Your alarm is now set and ready to alert you of any event!

  • 2. Using the Timer

    The Timer function enables MultiClock to count down to an event.
    To use the timer:
    - Click the Set Timer button.

    - Select the length of the timer countdown by clicking on the Arrow buttons.

    - Click on the Set Timer button.

    Your timer is now ready to begin counting down toward that important event!
  • 3. Scheduling PC Shutdown

    Using the Timer function, you can schedule PC Shutdown at any time.
    By using the timer as described above and clicking the white rectangle under the Auto Shutdown PC rectangle (Off or On), to automatically shut down your PC.

    - You are prompted to confirm that you want your PC to shut down by clicking the I’m Sure or Cancel Shut-Down buttons.

    - The timer will start counting down after you click the Set Timer button.

  • 4. Using Mini Mode

    - MultiClock was developed with MiniMode for a comfortable widget look. You can switch it on by clicking the Resize button on the top right-hand side of the application.

    - After clicking the Resize button, MultiClock is switched to MiniMode – a smaller more streamlined version of MultiClock as pictured below.

    - If you want to return to the regular display, move the mouse on the MultiClock window and click the Expand button.

    5. Switching between Day and Night Mode
    You can change the background and foreground colors of MultiClock so that they are more appropriate for day or night viewing. This is the Day/Night Mode feature.
    To use Day/Night mode:
    - Click the trigger in bottom side of application. The moon denotes night mode and the sun, day mode. Pictured below is the MultiClock in day mode.

    Pictured below is the MultiClock in night mode.