• Learn how to make greeting cards and other types of cards with Personal eCards!
    Personal eCards is the free application that enables you to easily create cards for different events. Whether it be greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, births, vacations, or thank you cards; Personal eCards has you covered.
    So if you want to know how to make greeting cards, or virtually any type of card, download Personal eCards now and show someone how much you care.
    Personal eCards is easy to download, simple to use, and 100% free.
  • To download Personal Cards:

    1. Click Here to download Personal eCards.
    2. Click the Save File button on the
    Opening FriedCookie_Personal_Cards.exe dialog.
    3. Once downloaded, double-click the
    Opening FriedCookie_Personal_Cards.exe and click the Yes button. The Fried Cookie Personal eCards Setup Wizard is displayed.
    4. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete the download. When setup is complete, Personal eCards can be run from the Start menu.
  • To send a card:

    1. Select the type of card you want to send and click Next.
    2. Click in the Title and Personal Message fields to enter your title and message. As you type the text in these fields, it will simultaneously appear on the card.
    3. Drag and drop the picture you want to insert in the card to the marked area. You can use the Zoom slider to zoom in or out of the picture as desired. To remove the picture, click the Reset Card button. Click the Next button.
    4. Select where to save your card. You can either leave the default destination as provided in the field or click the "..." button to the right of the field to open the Select file to save dialog and select the location to which you want the file saved. Click the Save button and then Next.
    5. You may then send the card via email, Twitter, or Facebook by clicking the relevant option on the Share window.
    6. Click the Start New Card button to repeat the card creation process.
  • The four step card creation process is intuitive and shows you how to make greeting cards quickly and easily. Just pick the type of card you want to send, edit the card, save it, and then share it.
    Should you decide to change an aspect of your card at any stage during the card creation process, simply click the Back button to return to the previous window and make changes as required.
    There is now no excuse for not being a good friend and letting someone know you are thinking of them since Personal Cards makes the card creation process a breeze.
    Instead of going to a store, spending time selecting a card, paying for it, writing it, and mailing it; Personal eCards shows you how to make a greeting card in a personal, fun, and speedy way.
    With Personal eCards it doesn’t take much effort to show those you care about that they are always in your thoughts.