•  AVI, or Audio Visual Interleave files have been around for a while now; so perhaps the question, “How can I play AVI files?” is not as perplexing as it once was. However, there are numerous other movie file formats that are not as well known as the ubiquitous AVI file.
    How about FLV, MPEG, ISO, and MOV files? Any takers for ASF, CAF, GXF, MPEG, MSN, OMA, or WTV? Yes, a veritable alphabet soup of movie file formats.
    With Video Player though, all these movie formats can now be viewed on your PC on one easy to use application. No need to be a movie file geek, just open Video Player, drag and drop the movie file and enjoy.
    So, “How do I play AVI files?” The same way you play all the other movie file formats – with Video Player!
  • To download Video Player:

    1. Click the Free Download button to download the Video Player.
    2. Click the Save File button on the Opening FriedCookie_Video_Player.exe dialog.
    3. Once downloaded, double-click the Opening FriedCookie_Video_Player.exe and click the Yes button. The Fried Cookie Video Player Setup Wizard is displayed.
    4. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete the download. When setup is complete, Video Player can be run from the Start menu.
    To play a movie file, either left-click on the file and drag and drop it in the Welcome to Fried Cookie Player (Drag & Drop a Video on this Window) screen or click the Drag & Drop Your Music File Here field to open the Open dialog and select or search for the relevant file. The video will automatically begin to play.
    Video Player functionality is via universally accepted standards – Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward, and File Search. The Volume slider and Movie Progress Bar are controlled with the mouse. To adjust screen size, expand or reduce the screen from any corner with the mouse. To play videos in full screen mode, double-click the screen of the Video Player. To reduce the full screen mode, double-click the screen of the Video Player once again.
  •  The Video Player free movie player download is your one-step, one-stop solution for your movie file format woes.
    Some refer to Video Player as a free AVI, FLV, MPEG, ISO, MOV player for Windows to play videos. Download Video Player and discover why it is so much more.