• Create your own ringtone with RingTone Maker!
      RingTone Maker is the free application that enables you to create your own iPhone ringtone. However, RingTone Maker is not only an iPhone ringtone creator but also creates ringtones for Blackberry, Android, and other phone types.
      So if you want to create a ringtone for iPhone 4 or any other type of mobile phone, RingTone Maker is the perfect tool – easy to download, simple to use, and 100% free.
    • 1. Click Here to download the Ringtone Maker.

      2. Click the Save File button on the

      3. Once downloaded, double-click the

      4. Follow the Setup Wizard to complete the download. When setup is complete, RingTone Maker can be run from the Start menu or from Desktop by clicking on icon.

    • 1. Either left-click on the file and drag and drop it in the Drag & Drop Your Music File Here field or click the Drag & Drop Your Music File Here field to open the Select mp3 File dialog and select or search for the relevant file. You can listen to the selected song by clicking the Play button.

      2. Drag the orange indicators to determine which part of the song you want converted to a ring tone then click the Next Step button.

      3. Select your phone type by clicking on the iPhone, Blackberry, or Other Phone options such as Android. Click the Next Step button.

      4. Select where to save your ring tone. You can either leave the default destination as provided in the Save to field or click the "Browse" button to the right of the Save field to open the Browse for Folder dialog and select the folder to which you want the file saved.

      5. Click the Create Your RingTone button. Your ring tone is created and saved.

      6. Click the Start New Ringtone, if you want to make another one.

    • Note that RingTone Maker permits a maximum of 30 seconds of the selected song for ring tone conversion. The part of the song to be created is what you determine by the use of the orange indicators which trim the song conversion parameters. Also, RingTone Maker only creates ringtones from mp3 file format and not from other digital music formats.